If you want to see Patrick Dempsey, dubbed as “Dr. McDreamy McDreamy Pants (only just Dr. McDreamy),” then you must continue watching, or get into, the long-running medical drama, “Grey’s Anatomy.” He’s also set to star in a comedy and family drama titled “Mission:S.O.P.,” and narrate a documentary concerning bicycling. Yay! Actually, what’s centralized in the documentary is pretty heavy. Well, whatever our hunky dory actor’s been doing helped call for a recent $1.925 million real estate purchase.

The 2,288 sq ft residence is just a mile’s reach to Venice Beach. The home’s modest floor plan of 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms is encased along with three stories of comfortable and mildly elegant living. Two lane driveway/carport, fireplace, private tranqui patio, large balcony, rooftop views, and fenced perimters are some of the features that this baby has to offer.

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