It seems that veteran actress and Oscar winner, Faye Dunaway (born as “Dorothy Faye Dunaway”), has “Dunaway” with acting. Her last work can be seen in a long-running TV series titled “Cinema 3.” She appeared in the 2011 season as herself in one episode. Before that, Dunaway was part of an ensemble for a TV movie which was broadcasted in 2010, titled “A Family Thanksgiving.” Our Dorothy, here, may’ve been inactive on the big screen and your TV. But, rest assured she’s been busy, busy trying to sell her home in West Hollywood.

It’s reported that Dunaway has owned the home since 98′. The 0.13 acre property is neatly and tightly barricaded with fairly tall shrubbery. Those who surpass the green borders are rewarded with a warm and welcoming 2,437 sq ft home, complete with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. fireplace, walk-in closet, furnished kitchen, dryer, formal/romantic dining, office, centralized cooling, and then some. It displays a great fusion of old-fashioned and modern-day living, elegance, and a price tag of $1.550 million. Hey! That’s $200,000 less than what Faye was originally seeking. The poor lady’s more determined than ever to sell. Best of luck, Faye!

Address: 901 N Spaulding Ave, West Hollywood CA 90046