The entire city of Beverly Hills is possibly still celebrating to this day, knowing that the ever so disturbing and firebreathing Justin Biebmeister remains outside of the now peaceful town. But, the party rocker has moved into a new party palace to trash on a daily basis, and it’s just at the tip of the Beverly Hills iceberg. Did we mention that it’s a rental? Good ole Bieber trashing the place on the daily, and possibly producing enough noise for his former neighbors to hear, isn’t the main concern. Lets just say that he’ll be….uhm….walking on broken glass.

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Bieber and company will surely love this place. It offers 6,537 sq ft of partying space and approximately 0.50 acres of property. In addition to the 6 bed and 6 bath floor plan, there’s various living space. So, party goers fear not, for you may crash anywhere freely. Just don’t be surprised if you wake up with Justin next to you! All in all, it’s a nice pad. It could gain a little sense of privacy. Then again, Bieber’s not shy to go public. Enjoy, Biebs, and try to play alittle nicer this time. It’s reported that he’s renting for $59,000/mo.