With more time being spent outside nowadays, it is important that you have the right patio furniture for your backyard. There is a little more that goes into buying patio furniture.

Since it will be outside, you have to consider the durability, ability to clean, and price. You will not want to spend hundreds of dollars on furniture that will be ruined after a couple of uses. In order to make sure that your furniture is easy to clean and durable, you will want to check out what material the frame is made out of, the material the cushions are made out of, and if you can clean it.

Here are three key pieces of patio furniture that you should consider getting before summer starts.

Better Homes & Gardens Delahey Outdoor Daybed, Patio Furniture with Cushions

This piece of furniture can serve as a sofa, as well as a bed. This piece of furniture is convenient because it can be placed on your patio, or you can place it inside. Certain homeowners will sell their homes with the furniture in the property. This adds value to their bottom line, especially when the furniture is high quality.

The frame is made out of eucalyptus wood, with a brown finish. The fabric that is used for the cushions is treated with EnviroGuard fabric protection. This product has been made to resist wood and dirt stains and protects from color fading due to sun exposure. It also holds up to 550 lbs.

Berkshire Swing Chair with Cushion

This piece of furniture is for outdoor use only, but it can give your patio a nice aesthetic. This swing chair is a fun piece to include on your patio for the kids. It can hold up to 300 lbs., so you can have multiple kids swinging around on the chair at the same time. The product has a metal frame that is wrapped in wicker. The cushions are made out of polyester fabric, and the fabric is water-resistant. If it needs cleaning you can do so by wiping it with a clean cloth and a mild amount of soap.

Walnew 9-Piece Patio Dining Set

This piece of furniture could be the centerpiece of your patio and give you somewhere to serve food at a summer gathering. This piece of furniture comes with a table, four chairs, and four ottomans. The chairs, and ottomans, are made out of rattan that is all weather-resistant. The cushions for the chairs, and ottomans, are made out of polyester fabric and filled with cotton. The chairs, and ottomans, hold up to 330 lbs., and the table is made out of steel.


There is a lot of patio furniture out there to choose from. However, you will want to consider the durability of those pieces of furniture. The pieces of the furniture mentioned in this article are durable and look great. These pieces of furniture are also very affordable and can be found at stores like Walmart and online on Amazon.