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Sometimes all it takes is simply opening unlocked doors and windows, or using a rock to break in and gain entry to someone’s home. It is practically impossible to rid the world of burglars. However, you can take steps to enhance your home security and keep them out. Whether you use security systems or personnel, there is always room for improvement. Here are steps that you can take to deter a break-in when you are both home and away.  

Invest in quality security doors for your home  

For a home entry, security is paramount. Your front door serves to protect you and your home’s interior. Investing in a top-quality security door is an important security measure that must be given top priority when you visit the door store.

Having security doors as your external doors is an essential element of your home as they offer more security than standard doors. Unlike the ancient designs that stuck to cold grey and iron bars, these days, manufacturers have them in different looks and designs, materials, and architectural designs.

Fit secure locks for your doors and windows

Whatever other home security measures you take, it will be of little or no use if a burglar can enter through your front door or windows. Most break-ins happen due to a lack of secure locks for doors and windows.

To prevent this, invest in modern security locks for your external doors, including balcony doors and garage doors. Consider installing window locks, levers, or censors. Burglars find windows easy access to homes, since most are left open for ventilation purposes. Always lock your doors and windows when you leave the house, whether you are taking a long walk around the block or just taking an afternoon nap.

If you just rented/ owned a new house, remember to change all the locks just in case someone else happens to have its spare keys. Always use a reputable locksmith when replacing or repairing locks.

Install an alarm system in your house

A reliable security system is a very effective means of securing your home. A house equipped with a modern, solid security system is not an easy target for burglars. Using the right security alarm system can help prevent you, your family, and your property from unforeseen incidents that can harm them.

Alarm systems that are solar panel powered are more preferred as solar panels recharge them. Even though alarm security systems might not completely keep off an intruder from your home, they could deter them. Should any burglar attempt to break in, the alarm will alert the local authorities and send you a notification as well.

Invest in good lighting

Light up your home surroundings. Try to use indoor bulbs that turn on randomly, time regulated, or operated by a time switch. Such lighting should be at the front of your home, backyard, and driveway. If the light suddenly beams on the burglar, they may rethink breaking into your house.

Install surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras are diverse and come in different models, which you can either install by yourself or hire a professional to do it. To get the full benefits of a security camera, go for the one you can operate through your mobile app and produce quality images. Place it strategically close to windows and doors to take clear mugshots of burglars.


Awareness of the enormity of the security risks in your environment is essential. Your ability to take proactive measures to stem them on time is, however, key to ensuring the safety of your home.