CelebHomes – Will you do your makeup? Chicago?
PA: I make my own makeup. I’m really enjoying it, to transform and become a character. That alone time is so nice. It’s also a learning experience in makeup. On top of dancing, singing, and acting, it’s  a combination of firsts for me. I believe all beauty comes from within.

CelebHomes: What beauty principles or mantras do you follow?
PA: I believe all beauty comes from within. Happiness can be the most beautiful beauty trick. Bravery is the best beauty trick. It’s okay to feel afraid and do it anyway. Fighting for freedom starts with one’s own freedom. When fighting for the freedom of others, it is an essential condition. It is a political statement to be happy, to be alive. Life is a privilege not to be taken lightly.

CelebHomes – What can you do to stay motivated?
PA: Do not give up on your goals. You don’t have to be defined by others. Take control of the narrative. Stay true to yourself and give it all you got. I dare you.

CelebHomes: What are your self-care tips?
PA: We push ourselves beyond what is comfortable, but it’s important to take care of ourselves. I’m lucky. Klara Beauty Lab is where I am whenever I’m visiting New York. Her customer service is outstanding. She is very kind and takes good care of me. Each facial is unique and different.

CelebHomes: Let us know about your exercise routine. 
PA: I get regular massage, body work. Pilates is something I enjoy. I’m working out pretty hard on Broadway right now. My walks in the park and some stretching is enough for me to keep up my stamina.