Craig Conover worked his Southern CharmOn Paige DeSorboOver DMs.

They met during filming Bravo’s Winter HouseThey were married, but they did not start dating until October 2021. These are their differences. Summer House CelebHomes News digital series, June 9, features star Paige Below the DMsCraig and she actually had a long-standing conversation on social media before they met in person.

Craig actually DMed my off of a picture that I had posted, that someone painted of me. He said, “Wow, that is really cool,” she remembered. And I replied, “LOL, you know what? Then, for two years we did not DM again. It’s hard to say if that answer was perfect or if it wasn’t.

Paige, however, said that unlike Craig she doesn’t send first DMs, particularly to celebrities. She is however happy to answer any famous person who reaches out, as in The SopranosJamie-Lynn Sigler.

After Jamie-Lynn reacted to one of her Instagram stories, Paige said, “She was going to be on Live: Watch What HappensShe wanted it and asked me to do her hair. I was not able to see the DM. This is probably my most regrettable decision.”