It’s all aboard!

The following are some examples Ozzy OsbourneTribute band is known as Crazy Babies Ozzy RebourneTomorrow’s episode will feature a brand new host, Jeremy. Clash of the Cover BandsBased on the sneak peak clip from their Crazy Train performance, it seems like they are on track for winning judges’ approval Meghan Trainor, Adam LambertAnd Ester Dean

Boyd Quinton (Ozzy) starts off by imitating Ozzy’s famous “ha ha ha” laugh. The four-member band soon kicks it into high gear. 

Adam compliments Boyd immediately on his spot-on singing, while Ester becomes so enthralled in the performance that she begins flashing her “rock on!” hand sign.

The band is rewarded with a standing ovation by all three judges after a great guitar solo. Just as you thought Crazy Babies Ozzy is leaving the stage, Boyd takes over and does an Ozzy impression. 

It’s rock and roll. He yells with a British accent. “Sharon! “Sharon!