“My 600 lb. Ryan Barkdoll’s Cheat Meal Causes Drama

A diet disaster. 

Enjoy an exclusive sneak peak My 600-lb. Life, TLC will air tomorrow’s Wednesday, December 15th, at 9:15 PM Ryan Barkdoll is caught breaking his diet, just when he’d reached a new milestone. 

“I came back from yesterday’s appointment and immediately told my mother the good news. Dr. says I’m ready to go to Houston,” Ryan explains about his upcoming Texas-based weight loss surgery. I want to get there as soon as possible. You need to prepare for this.” 

Ryan, however, can’t resist eating fried chicken nuggets over sticking to his diet. This is even though his mother and boyfriend are supportive. LeroyThey shared their support. Ryan believes that ordering fast food should be considered a form celebration. 

Ryan speaks via voice-over, “I’m going be able to receive the help I require.” It felt great to see all my hard work paying off and to hear that my mother and Leroy were proud of me.