Terry BradshawNFL Superstar, Girl Dad and Now…The Next Steven Spielberg?

An exclusive sneak peek at The Bradshaw BunchThe behind-the scenes details of Terry’s debut as a director for his son-in law are captured in. NoahThe brand new Hawaiian Chili Water. As Terry attempts to guide daughters, the steamy advertisement has many spicy ingredients, including chili pepper flakes. Erin, LaceyAnd Rachel to sell the seasoning product. 

Film at Erin with your husband ScottTerry, Terry’s horse ranch jokes about how he “never directed any thing” in his entire life but that he learned from acting. 

Terry exclaims with a laugh, “Now, because I’ve seen a lot commercials, so I was directed by hundreds and hundreds of great director so I look at myself as Steven Spielberg for the chili water commercial.” “Spielberg, Bradshaw. It sounds good to me. 

Terry’s wife Tammy jokes, “I’ll go buy my Academy Award dress soon.”  

Terry asks Erin while she is filming to, “How hot?” About the chili water.