At 26 years old, Orlando Scandrick has excelled financially and became the Dallas Cowboys cornerback within time of being drafted. Now that the team has him til’ a reported 2015, what to do with all of that money? Well, Orlando bought a house in Hollywood Hills at age 24 (2 years ago) for $2.1 million, just to list it for sale a year later. When you were once a rookie who exceptionally climbed his way up in the NFL, you can house-hop or house-flip. Not that Orlando’s looking to do that, of course, or maybe……..

In short, the house is a tower of luxury. In longer terms; two door garage, wrap-around deck, en-suite balconies, various rooms for entertaining guests, spacious kitchen (furnished with high-end appliances), office/meeting room, and pool. It’s a home that both conveys and lives up to greatness. Simply put. That’s setting aside the 4 bed and 4 bath floor plan and 3,353 square feet of living space.

Address: 6415 Rodgerton Dr, Los Angeles CA 90068