Jordan ChilesShe is still snorting at her colleague’s news.

Returned on February 15, Simone Biles announced on Instagram that she is engaged to NFL player Jonathan Owens. Simone still receives well wishes from the most important people she loves, while Simone and her husband are hard at work on their dream wedding. 

While you are attending Hollywood Reporter‘s Oscar Nominee Night presented by IHG Hotels & Resorts on March 7, Jordan couldn’t help but share her excitement about Simone’s new relationship status. 

Jordan exclusively shared the following with CelebHomes News at Spago Beverly Hills: “I call my daughter here and there, and I love her to Death,” Jordan. She will be there for me, no matter what. I am so excited to see her.

The pair shared an extraordinary experience at the 2020 Summer Olympics. Simone was unable to compete in Tokyo after she suffered a twisty on the vault. With Jordan’s assistance, however, the team managed to win a silver medal.