Zoë Kravitz She could be a good fit for you Big Little Lies character in more ways than one.

Bonnie Carlson was a model for the BatmanIn Monterey, Calif. where HBO’s series is set, the actress felt like an outsider. She said that there were moments when she felt uncomfortable. The GuardianInterview published on Sunday, March 6.

She said that there were just “just weird racists in bars and other things like this” when she was asked for more details.

The series was directed by the late Jean Marc-Vallée, multiple characters treated the much-younger Bonnie with contempt over her relationship with Nathan Carlson (James TupperEx-husband of Queen Bee Madeline MackenzieReese Witherspoon). She was isolated from the rest of the mothers, and Zoë noted that she was drawn to the role because of its complexities, adding that the role “was originally written for a white person.”