It’s not a matter of money. Aaron Rodgers.

He has been named the most-paid NFL player and signed an unprecedented four-year contract worth $200 million with the Green Bay Packers. according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media. Rodgers will be guaranteed $153 million as part of this extension.

The former 38-year-old had previously shared his frustrations about the Packers and even threatened to leave. However, he made a public appearance Jan. 25, on Pat McAfee ShowRodgers claimed that Rodgers and Packers’ general manager were friends. Brian Gutekunst were on better terms since the season ended. 

“I feel like I’m at the place relationally with the Packers—in a really good place, especially with Brian and the way our friendship and trust has grown,” Rodgers said. “Brian and I have had good conversations throughout the year, and when it comes time to make a decision, we’ll have a conversation and that’ll be that. This won’t take too long.