Grab your driver’s license and buckle up for these pics.

CelebHomes News took these photos Olivia Rodrigo19 and Zack BiaThe two were seen smiling in New York City’s Bar Pitti on April 25, sparking romantic rumors about the connection.

They kept their outfits casual yet stylish for the outing to the famous Italian restaurant. Olivia wore a black leather jacket, patent leather shoes and a crossbody bag with a quilted design. Zack was wearing a cream-colored hoodie, paired with sneakers and cargo pants.

CelebHomes News received exclusive information from a source close Zack stating that they began to see each other around February’s Super Bowl and have continued seeing one another ever since.

According to a source, he invited her to the Super Bowl party that he was hosting that weekend. She went along to cheer him on.” They got along well and they have been hanging out casually ever since.