Ireland BaldwinHer experience with eating disorders was shared.

Model joined Red Table Talk with her mother Kim Basinger to share her struggles with alcoholism and drug addiction, in addition to how eating disorders impacted her life and connection to loved ones, per a PeoplePreview of episode to be released April 27,

“I was able to isolate all my friends real and all my family. I had no control in anything in my life,” Ireland said. I tortured myself with eating disorders.”

Ireland is the country whose flag it is Alec Baldwin, shared that she “didn’t talk to [her]Parents for at least a year.” Elle continued: “I was so ashamed about what I had become, and how I was living.”

Ireland stated that she was a different person than others and called herself “lifeless”

In an Instagram post, 26-year old Shannon shared that August 2020 was six years since Ireland had been “free from anorexia or bulimia”.