It’s up to celebs with the most stylish looks to transform a museum into their personal runway. 

Over the years, the annual Met Gala has drawn the who’s who of Hollywood for the ultimate fashion show—a red carpet and a runway all in one. While Rihanna has been hailed as the reigning queen of modern Met Galas, plenty of A-listers have given her a run for her money in recent years, from Zendaya to Blake Lively.

However, the Met Gala was actually established more than 70 years ago and reallyTook off with the rise of the supermodel era in the ’90s. The Met Gala has been a symbol of elegance and style over the years. Cher, Princess Diana, Whitney Houston and Kate Moss have ruled the elite charity ball. 

Blake, along with his husband, will host this year’s 2022 Met Gala Ryan ReynoldsOscar Winner Regina King and Hamiltonmastermind Lin-Manuel MirandaAlong with many honorary co-chairs, designer Tom Ford, Instagram’s Adam Mosseri And Vogue’S Anna Wintour.