Olivia MunnThe latest parenting revelations are certainly relatable.

She was able to continue her studies for seven months. John Mulaney welcomed son Malcolm, the family “Got through our first sickness,” she wrote July 10 on her Instagram Stories alongside a picture of her baby resting on her shoulder. “Haven’t slept properly since Wednesday, but there’s no better place than cuddling my son and being covered with his explosive poop.”

The following day, Olivia gave her fans an update on Malcolm’s health, writing that while she thought he was getting better, he “had another night of high fevers and lots of bodily fluids.”

Using a filter over the video, she added, “I’m so tired I don’t even wanna know what I look like without these butterflies and ladybugs over my face.”

Olivia has been open and honest about all the mental and physical struggles that she faced in being a mother since her birth of Malcolm last November. She wrote that breastfeeding is difficult, especially if there’s a low supply.