Even a small difference can make a huge impact.

Just days after Addison Rae“Mom” Sheri Easterling shared a cryptic post about “overwhelming” personal matters, the 42-year-old made a minor—but also major—change to her social media.

Sheri added “single mother” to her Instagram bio, which was noticed by many of her followers.

Sheri married Monty Lopez in January 2004 before divorcing and remarrying in 2017. The couple has three children, Addison is 21 and they have Addison.

Although the family has tried to hide their private lives, there are recent posts on social media that suggest there is a lot happening behind closed doors. Sheri posted a message to Instagram Stories on July 7th, detailing her priorities.

Her words were: “Personal matter being made public is always challenging and overwhelming to anyone involved.” I will be fine. My biggest concern is—and always will be—my children and their fragile hearts and minds. “I will continue to do all I can to help them.”