Olivia CulpoThe rescue.

She was Miss Universe in the past and she is now Miss Universe with her sister-in law Katie We were grateful to be there when Olivia’s older sister lost her refrigerator Sophia Culpo.

Olivia posted the Instagram Story July 12 that “I didn’t upload it bcI was traumatized” Katie and I ran to it mid-air and held it up, even though her head was in it. Crazy day. I won’t miss this section of the new move in.”

Olivia (33), included a photo of Olivia looking at the spilled grocery on the ground while she stood behind her now-turned refrigerator. She wrote: “Let this serve as a reminder that appliances should be secured and details such as this not left up to parents over 60+ years old.”

Sophia, 25, wrote in her Instagram Story that the incident was almost fatal.