Yes, this is technically a lip liner, but you can also fill in the lip completely for all-over color. This liner is water-resistant, durable, highly pigmented, and has a matte finish. It comes in 16 colors. This product has over 3,800 5-star Amazon reviews.

A customer said that it was the most expensive lip product she had ever bought. A huge Lady Gaga fan, I searched for the perfect brown lipstick to give me a chance at trying her products. It is by far the most amazing product I’ve ever used. The product did not get smudged and it remained perfect even after I drank a protein shake and patted my lips to take the protein off. The lipliner looks great and is still intact! It is worth every penny, and it’s well worth the effort if you are considering buying. Do it!

Another raved, “The Haus of Gaga liner (I started with Myth) goes on smoothly, stays all day, and basically is a Boyz II Men song in a lip liner. It will be there for you every day, night and make you feel great.

Another shopper said, “Purchased one of these and then went back for 3 more. The product is super easy to apply, has a rich and long-lasting color, and it feels great. Because I work from home, and am constantly on video calls, I needed something that was well-defined but not too much. They are great.