Four has-been artists reunite after a younger performer samples their one hit wonder for a new song. No, we aren’t talking about Peacock’s Girls5eva: We’re referring to ABC’s new drama, Queens.

Though the Peacock comedy and the upcoming ABC series have very similar premises on paper, they couldn’t be more different—or, at least, that’s what Queens stars Eve, Brandy, Naturi Naughton and Nadine Velazquez expressed to E! News in an exclusive chat.

According to Eve, who plays Brianna (a.k.a. Professor Sex), Queens is “completely, completely, completely” different for a couple key reasons: A) The show follows a former rap group, not a singing group, and B) It is a drama.

“Nothing against the other cast,” the “What Ya Want” artist shared, “but you have people who are authentically from that era that we are portraying. We know what that era was…and also, it’s hip hop. Real hip hop.”

Eve was, of course, referring to herself and co-stars Naughton and Brandy, as they all made a name for themselves in the ’90s music scene.