Sorry Alex Rodriguez, but Boston Red Sox fans are rooting for Bennifer all season long.

In the middle of the MLB playoffs, the former New York Yankees player found himself hard at work serving as a commentator for the ALCS series.

But as the Houston Astros faced off against the Boston Red Sox in game three of the series on Oct. 18, one group of fans decided to have some fun at A.Rod’s expense.

In video posted online, Red Sox supporters began chanting his ex Jennifer Lopez‘s nickname “J.Lo” as Alex offered his thoughts on the game. Why? Because Jennifer’s boyfriend Ben Affleck is a huge fan of the Red Sox. And yes, the Red Sox rivalry with the Yankees is unmatched.

While it’s unclear if A.Rod acknowledged the crowd, the Internet loved the moment caught on camera. “SAVAGE,” one user wrote on Twitter while another added, “Y’all should of chanted Bennifer instead.”