This is one of the show-and tells we would not want to miss.

Nikki Glaser was more than happy to give her mom, Julie, an up-close-and-personal tour of her sex toy collection on the May 1 episode of Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?. The treasures were discovered by the mother-daughter pair while Nikki was moving into her St. Louis home. 

“Dear god,” the comic said about the under-mattress revelation, “This my secret place.”

Julie and Nikki shared a confessional. EJ,She admitted that “I was not surprised she had such things.” It was it. amount.It was quite shocking.

Nikki eventually took it all in stride, and she used the chance to play “Sex Toy Or Thing You Would Find in a Nursing Home.” Her roommate AndrewCorrectly identifying a bunion cushion. However, after grasping something that he thought was “a breathing apparatus”, Nikki said, “Nope. It’s actually a p–-sy pump.”