“Of course all the kids were looking like ‘It’s the great Jenifer Lewis.’ I’m like ‘Oh no, this is a very insecure Jenifer Lewis right now,'” Jenifer joked. “I don’t know what to say or how I should speak. “Please stop staring at me this way.

Surprised by no one, she finally found her feet. 

Vanessa BayerCo-created stars It’s a gift I love for you, which also stars Molly ShannonJenifer cites the strong bond formed between Jenifer and Jenifer as a key to its success.

Jenifer stated, “We all are established adults.” “Vanessa has just turned 40. Molly is now in her 50s. My 60s. It’s a multi-generational environment that brings out the best in everyone. That perfect storm is it. It is a glue that I have never seen. It’s like a set I have never seen.

Jenifer is the author of this praise. Living Color, A Different World Bel-Air’s Fresh Prince.