We’d wager that the Met steps could speak if they had stories to tell. Days.

For the Met Gala—fashion’s biggest night—some stars take the definition of “dress-up” to another level. For example, the event co-chair was a moment to remember. Lady GagaI have not been to one other rocked. FourIncredible ensembles of 2019

It’s been two years since then. Lil Nas and XIt was clear that the “Bad Romance” song singer wasn’t the only one capable to do some dressing down. For his 2021 Met Gala look, the “Old Town Singer” changed twice to show off three very distinctive looks—one of which included a Versace suit of gold armor.

The jaw-dropping all black look of 2021 was something that no one expected. Kim KardashianA mask covered her face. Complete face). Not only did her polarizing outfit inspire countless memes, it also left everyone with one question: How was she was able to see EverythingIn that outfit?