Prime Video could have to rename Making the Cluck as its TV show.

In CelebHomes News’ exclusive clip for Make the cut, fans see what they can expect in the next episode streaming on Aug. 26—and let’s just say Nicole Richie made a comment about her chickens that left the room plucking speechless. 

Nicole, a judge on the show, was inspired by a black, draped runway look. 

“The draping was amazing,” Nicole told the contestant. “I think you really have an eye and feel for fabric and that neckline was so beautiful.”

Nicole was astonished at the result.

“I have chickens. I have one chicken, her name is Queen Latifah,” she shared. “It is about to die.”

Judges Jeremy Scott He was clearly taken aback at the comments. The creative director of Moschino asked, “Is that what you’re going to wear to ‘Queen Latifah’s funeral?'” 

Nicole confirmed that she would indeed “like to wear this to Queen Latifah’s funeral.”