We interviewed Nicky Hilton because we think you’ll like her picks. Nicky Hilton’s products are included in some of these images. CelebHomes is an affiliate, which means that we might earn commissions if someone purchases something from our links. CelebHomes does not sell the items.

Now, Nicky HiltonShe is a skilled holiday gift-shopper. Nicky has many family members to gift shop and can even design the perfect presents for them. French Sole collaborated with her to design her own line of shoes. They include a soft, shearling pair that is perfect for holiday parties. She designed a stocking for all the cat lovers, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting Animal Haven.

Nicky also included these items in her holiday gift guide for 2021. Plus, she has picks for her mom Kathy HiltonYou are a sister Paris Hilton, and her two daughters, Lily-Grace and Teddy. And for anyone with a long list of people to buy presents for, Nicky included plenty of budget-friendly gifts too. Continue scrolling to see her gift suggestions and insights on shopping for holiday gifts.