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While lighting is an integral part of any home, many people don’t pay enough attention to it. Your apartment or house may come equipped with default fluorescent bulbs, which might not provide enough lighting for your space to feel comfortable and homey. Light plays a big part in influencing your mood, although you may not realize it. This is why many people feel more blue in winter and less chipper during the summer.

It is as essential to invest in lighting as it is buying leather couches. But if you’re cramped for space or don’t want your lighting to take up too much room, this Minimalist LED Corner Floor Lamp is a great option. Made by Lamp Depot, this lamp is designed to save space by fitting into the corner of your room, whether it’s a living room, dining room, bedroom, guest room or office. For a limited time, it’s on sale for an extra 20% off this Cyber Monday with StackSocial code CMSAVE20.