Here’s the deal HawkeyeHere comes! HawkeyeRight down the MCU lane.

Disney+ just released the latest teaser video for the holiday six-part series starring the newest Disney+ star. Jeremy Renner(Clint Barton). Hailee Steinfeld(Kate), it looks like it will be one bumpy sleigh trip.

The teaser for the buddy—cop show sheds light on the questionable pairing as pointed out by Eleanor Bishop (Vera Farmiga() who asks them: “So, Kate is helping with an Avengers level threat?”

Kate says, “He’s my friend,” Clint quickly corrects her. “That’s kinda a stretch,” Clint replies.

Marvel’s new teaser HawkeyeJeremey will reprise his role in the arrow-slinging Avenger in ‘The Last of Us’, which will be released Nov. 24. Clint wants to be with his family for Christmas but a criminal plot threatens to stop him. This is when Kate arrives. The new character is a skilled archer aged 22 years old. Oh, and he is also his biggest fan.