Don’t mind your teachers, Nicola. Lady Violet would tell you, “There’s nothing you can do.” 

Bridgerton“S” Nicola CoughlanIn an interview with The Guardian, Penelope Featherington, the Regency-era drama’s lead, revealed more about her character. The Hollywood ReporterFor Next Gen, she said that she never imagined she would be starring in a period piece. This was thanks to some feedback she received at drama school. “I was told categorically that I would not do period drama,” the actress said. “They told me, ‘Your face is too modern.’ “I don’t know what that means.” 

Not only does Nicola star in the Emmy Award-winning Shondaland series, which Netflix renewed through season four, she also stars in the streamer’s 1990s-set hit Derry Girls.

Nicola did not expect to be a star in a period piece, but the rest, including castmate, did. Pheobe Dynevor—who also made the THR list—didn’t expect the enormous response the show received.