Indeed, “What the F–k?”

Paranormal investigator Zak BagansAnd his team—including Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley—hit the road to help real people with their haunted homes in this exclusive extended look at Ghost Adventures – House Calls. The trailer shows that the Discovery+ spin-off should be equally as exciting as its predecessor. It first premiered on Travel Channel’s Travel Channel in 2008

One couple confesses to it: “We have an evil entity in our home,” Ghost Adventures team.

They are not the only ones. In a sombre voice-over another participant said, “I have known since childhood that something is in this house.” It scares me even more, now that my child lives here. It’s all we want to see it go.”

The footage teases everything, from “a dark shadow with red eyes” all the way to “death dripping through the walls”.

According to series descriptions, Bagans has good news for haunted homeowners. He is committed to solving their paranormal emergencies. Each episode will feature a thorough investigation by Bagans and co., who will then present what they find regarding the alleged haunted houses.