It all comes down to creating content Lele PonsShe knows exactly what she is talking about. 

That’s why Pons—the singer, actress and influencer who has amassed over 100 million followers across all social platforms—is the perfect host for season two of Exposure

The series, which premieres on Pons’ YouTube channel May 29, features eight up-and-coming content creators from all corners of the creative and entertainment landscape, coming together to compete for a $250,000 contract with Samsung.

Throughout the season, contestants will be asked to showcase their creative skills through a series of social media-inspired video challenges, with all of their videos falling between 15 seconds and one minute. Pons was a Vine-styler who gained a lot of fame.

Pons states that Pons’ goal is for you to get the exposure you need in order to make it big. 

They include a stop-motion animator, avant-garde makeup artist and a comedian ventriloquist. Yes, a comedian ventriloquist. You can find content for everyone!