“Gregg, and I had a very sad conversation before his passing,” she said. She said that he told her to “be happy”, keep smiling, and that whoever finds him, will find a good one. 

In September, NeNe opened up about the loss of her husband and adjusting to her “new normal” on her Instagram Story. The couple, who first married in 1997, were together for 14 years before they divorced in 2011 only to get remarried just two years down the line in 2013.

“You know I have many people coming to my place every day doing various things with me,” she stated.

In addition, she showed off a blonde wavy hairstyle. She explained that it was comforting to “be around people” in the midst of her grief as she sat at the salon.

“I’m not perfect, I have bad days and good days. But, it’s all normal,” she said. Some days are good, and some days are bad. Today I felt the need to visit the salon. I don’t normally go to the salon. I let others come to our house. Today I decided to go to the salon, and sit down with other ladies. It was great to spend time with other women. There are good and bad days. “Keep going through.”