It’s Jonah HillAlthough it is a celebration of’s birth today, the entire year merits major celebrating. 

While he’s spent nearly two decades in the business, the beloved funny man has noticeably pulled back the curtain on his authentic self this year—to the benefit of fans everywhere. Yes, he’s delivered, as expected, on the humorous end of things—getting away with calling Meryl Steep The “G.O.A.T.” When she believed he was talking about the actual animal and taking a fart machine with him on his press trip, Keep your eyes upYou can also find them at 

He has also reminded everyone that he is an icon of style: GQ hailed him with the headline “Jonah Hill Is on an Absolute Outfit Heater” and Vogue shouted him out for having one of the best “Fashion Instagrams” of the week. Jonah’s hair was a great reference if you wanted to blonde your hair this year. And let’s not forget (we could never) that he turned matching with your significant other on the red carpet—as he did with girlfriend Sarah Brady—into a new requirement. As The CutA caption on Instagram stated, “Per their example all celebrities must wear the exact same outfit to formal events. It all comes down to the shoes “We don’t make the rules. They do.”