Pause for celebration. 

TLC offers an exclusive peek into its future. My 600-lb. The Best of LifeTomorrow, Wednesday December 22, at 2:20 pm James Bedard This is a huge milestone in James’s recovery. James lives in a five-floor walk-up apartment. Because of his weight, it was difficult for James to descend the stairs outside.

It’s been over a year since James has left his home and while most of us can relate due to the coronavirus pandemic quarantine, James’ walk to Central Park holds a special significance—and a special fear. 

“Since my last appointment, I have been back with Dr.James describes in this clip how he tried to motivate himself to achieve better results. It had been more than a year since my last visit to Dr. Now. It makes me feel almost normal. 

James, his family and friends enjoy Central Park together. James also admits that the moment “usually turns” when James is in public.