You can’t go wrong with this. Proud Family. New show features BeyoncéThe theme song features’s voice.
Mother of Queen Bey Tina KnowlesOn Dec. 21, she announced that she would be taking charge of the new Facebook Watch program calledTalks with Mama Tina. As if that news isn’t thrilling enough, the matriarch also revealed that the show’s theme song features the voice of not only her Grammy-winning daughter, but that Beyoncé’s kids, Blue IvyThe twins are 9-year-old and 4 year old.SirAnd RumiThe track was also recorded by.
“I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new @wetheculture @Facebookwatch show ‘Talks With Mama Tina,’ where I’ve invited some of my favorite people over to my home and have a talk with me,” Tina captioned an Instagram video of the show’s trailer. This show was so much fun and we had such open and honest conversations. Plus, I made them my GUMBO. You can view it starting at 5 PM PCT on Wednesday, December 23rd.