These are the things that we do for children.

This Monday, Wednesday, December 13 Chrissy Teigen went on Instagram Story to reveal to her 36 million followers a plumber going through a sink cabinet in what appears to be her kitchen, writing, “Luna lost her first tooth and the tooth fairy PROMPTLY dropped it down the sink

Chrissy stands back and films the plumber as he begins the search for her 5-year-old daughter’s highly valuable property.

After a few small laughs she lets out a sarcastic, “Great.” 

Luckily, this fairy didn’t fly too far before dropping the precious commodity. The camera captured it! Chrissy exclaimed, after the sewer-inspection camera saw and circled her found treasure. Praise the Lord, I was so sorry.”

Although it’s not known how, Luna‘s tooth ended up down the sink, we’re hoping it got a good washing before the Tooth Fairy traded it in for some sweet cash under her kid’s pillow.