Studies show that 60% of people cite moving as one of the most stressful events in life, however, it does not have to be so challenging! When moving to a big city like Washington D.C having some insider tips could save you headaches come moving day. That is why we created this list of the 5 things you need to know when moving to DC.

These pro-tips will help you have a simple and pain-free move. So, before you pack your bags keep reading!

1. Research the Neighborhood

Before you start looking for houses or apartments you must do your research on the neighborhoods in Washington D.C. Living in D.C can be very rewarding in certain areas, however, the city does have some less than desirable locations. Do your research to find the neighborhood that best fits your budget and your lifestyle before relocating to Washington D.C and you will save yourself from settling down in a disappointing location. 

2. Travel Will be Different

When living in Washington D.C you might want to consider storing your car. Traffic in D.C can be challenging to say the least, and depending on where you are parking can be astronomical. Luckily the city is home to the Metro. The Metro is a safe, clean, and convenient train transport system for the city. 

Using the train can quickly get you from A to B and back again without the hassle of city traffic. Try to familiarize yourself with the routes and pickup and dropoff locations before you make the big move. 

3. Dress to Impress

Washington DC is home to some of the most important people in the country. Business casual or professional dress in the town you are from is probably not the same as it is in D.C. People pride themselves on their attire in the city, so it is wise to consider updating your business wear when you get to the city.

4. Consider Downsizing 

Before you move to the city you should consider downsizing your current home. Moving is expensive and the less stuff you have to move the easier and less expensive the move will be. You might also find that the cost of rent is higher in D.C for a smaller space. 

Downsizing before you move will make moving into a smaller space less frantic as you will have already decluttered your belongings. Renting a storage unit when you move might be the best option if you are unsure of what to downsize ahead of time. 

5. Meeting People 

Depending on why you are relocating to Washington D.C meeting good people can be challenging. People in the city are ambitious and hungry to make something of themselves. This means working long hours and putting yourself before other people. 

This rat race attitude can make finding new friends or making friends with colleagues a challenge, however, it isn’t impossible! D.C has an awesome nightlife culture and happy hour is a staple. Visiting local pubs and bars is almost a right of passage in D.C so if you really look you can find the right people!

Moving to D.C 

Moving to D.C is a bold move! The city is vibrant and bustling and full of excitement as long as you come prepared. Getting all of your ducks in a row is essential before making the move, but when you do, the city will welcome you! 

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