Monster’s Ball Actor Coronji Calhoun Sr. Dead at 30

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An ex-child star Coronji Calhoun Sr.At the age of 30, he died. He portrayed Tyrell, the onscreen son of Halle BerryAnd Sean “Diddy” CombsIn Monster’s Ball

According to Calhoun’s mother, Calhoun died on October 13, 2012. Theresa BaileyIt is. WWL-TV, an LA-based station, reported that her son, who was the only actor in 2001’s film, had died of congestive cardiac failure and complications to his lungs.

In a GoFundMe page set up “to give Coronji a sacred celebration of life,” Bailey said that the family “did not have any life insurance policy” on the actor and is raising money for funeral costs “as we never expected this tragedy to befall us.”

The campaign raised over $10,500 as of Thursday, November 11. Monster’s Ball Producer Lee DanielsCelebHomes News is able to confirm that Mr. Smith was among those who donated, with a total of $3,300.

Bailey posted a November 10 update, saying that “we are overwhelmed by the outpouring love Coronji’s adoptive family and the community have shown us during this time of grief.” We ask you to remember Coronji’s love for the entire community as we end this chapter.