5 Things Meghan King Can’t Live Without

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We interviewed Meghan King because we think you’ll like her picks. Some of the products shown are from a brand she is paid to endorse. CelebHomes may earn a commission from you if your purchase is made through one of our affiliate links. CelebHomes does not sell the items.

What are some must-have items for busy moms? Meghan KingThis is the solution! It is the Real Housewives of Orange County alum recently shared with CelebHomes News the five things she can’t live without, and her must-haves are a mix of practical and glam. 

For instance, the Dyson V8 Animal Cordfree Vacuum is great because it’s “easy” and good for “quick messes and car cleanups,” Meghan shared. You will look more like you spend a lot of time styling your hair if you wish to appear as though you did. 

When she’s not busy juggling a podcast, a lifestyle blog, a fashion line that gives back, and three kids, she’ll find time to relax in her bathtub with a good book and a glass of wine. 

Check out the five things Meghan can’t live without below. Follow her Instagram and check her blog.