Travis Scott Astroworld Tragedy: Death Toll Rises to 9

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Travis’ girlfriend Kylie JennerThe concert was attended by a couple who are expecting their second child. Stormi WebsterShe shared several videos of the show and one video showing an ambulance cart among the crowd. After the show, she said in an Instagram Story that Travis was unaware of any fatalities and they would no longer have performed or filmed.

Travis’ lawyer, Edwin F. McPherson, also said in a statement Thursday, “There has been multiple finger-pointing, much of which has been by city officials, who have sent inconsistent messages and have backtracked from original statements.”

The New York Times reported that promoter Live Nation stopped the concert roughly 30 minutes earlier than planned and 40 minutes after city officials said the “mass casualty event” had begun. Travis’ lawyer referred to Houston Police chief in his statement. Troy FinnerAccording to, a newspaper reporter said that “it is impossible to close if you have 50,000 or over 50,000 members.” When you have that many people, we have to be concerned about rioting and rioting.

Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña told The New York TimesTravis and festival organizers might have intervened and stopped the show. They hold the bully pulpit. And they also have responsibility.

A 56-page operations plan for Astroworld, obtained by CNN, didn’t include a specific contingency for a surging crowd incident, despite three people being trampled and hospitalized at the same festival in 2019. However, it did state that in case of an incident, the executive producer and the festival director would be the only individuals with the authority to stop the concert, according to the news outlet.

According to Travis’s lawyer, “It was reported in the Operations Plan that only Travis and the Festival Director have the authority to stop the show.” This also goes against HPD’s previous actions, when it stopped the sound and power at the festival in 2019 after the performance ran for over five minutes.

He stated, “Investigations should be started over finger-pointing in order to jointly determine exactly what occurred and how we could prevent this from happening again.”