WCelebHomes made a wish with 16 candles, and it was fulfilled! 

It was officially announced on March 15th Selena Gomez will serve as an executive producer on a new UCP for Peacock series 15 candlesBased on John Hughes“The iconic movie 16 CandlesWith a Latinx twist. Now, an exclusive interview Molly Ringwald—who starred as leading-lady Samantha in the coming-of-age film—shared her thoughts on the production. 

Ringwald said that he was so pleased about the news. “I feel that people often ask me about rebooting movies. But I’m like, ‘No these movies were great’. Instead, they need to take their inspiration and make something entirely new but still inspired. It just sounds incredible.”

The series—written executive produced by Gomez, Tanya Saracho and Gabriela Revilla Lugo—follows “four young Latinas starting high school as they overcome their feelings of invisibility while exploring what it means to leave childhood behind through the lens of the traditional female coming-of-age rite: the quinceañera,” according to Deadline.