CelebHomes: There are many singing competitions out there where people are singing other people’s songs. Is there anything like performing an original song?
UG: It means a lot, because it’s our art. Everyone performs what they created, and what they wrote. You can feel it coming from your heart. It’s amazing enough by itself. This is national television. [there’s]Nothing better than [getting]You can perform your original song live on TV, in front the entire world. That’s unbeatable.

CelebHomes: This performance looks more like what you would see on TV. BillboardMusic Awards and the Grammys
UG: It’s amazing. It is surreal to see it. They did exactly that. Literally, that’s what they did. They made everything I asked and wanted happen.

CelebHomes – This is more than just performing and writing the song. It’s your vision creatively of what you would like to see.
UG: Yes. Yes. [executive producer Anders Lenhoff]They created exactly what I had in mind and it was perfect. The lighting was incredible and they used the right colors. It’s everything that I wanted, including dancers. Everything you saw I requested and they delivered.

CelebHomes: How excited are you to see your rehearsal?
UG:It’s so exciting! We’re doing everything. 

CelebHomes: What do you think of Indiana?
UG:We are known for our positive energy, rhythm and vibe. Indiana is an amazing place. There’s great energy here and some great people. We are proud to serve the people at the bottom.