It’s OK to not feel okay.

Looking in from the outside, Harry MillerOhio State was the place where he lived his dreams. He was a highly-regarded college football player and had an impressive 4.0 GPA.

Harry, however, announced that he was “retired” on March 10.medically retiring” from the game after sharing his mental health struggles with the world. A new interview was conducted on TodayHarry explained to us why he chose to speak up. 

“People have called me brave, but to me, it just felt like not dying and felt like being honest,” Harry told Savannahh Guthrie, Hoda Koch and Carson Daly on March 21. “Maybe bravery is just being honest when it would be easier not to. And if that is bravery, then so be it. But I’ve just been really grateful to one, receive the help I have. And two, to have learned some things that I can share with others.”