TikToker Mikayla NogueiraIs a homeowner. 

The beauty influencer—who is known for her entertaining makeup tutorials and reviews—announced on her TikTok that she bought a house after saving up for two years. She captioned the Aug. 9 video, “I am so sorry for being an absolute mess in this video. You really couldn’t. [sic]Help it. It was so hard to make this video. Im [sic]So happy and excited.”

The 23-year old, who was choked up, said that she couldn’t believe what she’d say. “Get ready, I’m going to show you my house!”

Mikayla got engaged to her partner CodyThey said last year that they would be moving from Massachusetts to their first home.

Mikayla, who was fighting back tears from her own pain, explained how this moment meant so much to them. Two years ago, when I started my career, I had nothing. “I had nothing,” she stated. “And, I’m going be open with you. “I never imagined I’d own a home in my lifetime.”