The wild to the bustling city.

Fresh off a woodsy vacation with on-again boyfriend Devin Booker, Kendall Jenner stopped by Chicago hot spot Joy District on Aug. 8 for a fun night out.

The supermodel wore a black midi dress with flat mary-janes and was joined by the owners of the venue, staff, and other guests.

At the event, guests were treated to two special 818 Tequila cocktails: The Hydrator (with coconut and lime) and Kenny’s Favorite Marg (with orange liqueur).

Earlier this month, Kendall, 26, and Devin, 25, traveled up to scenic Idaho where they soaked up some one-on-one time at the Gozzer Ranch Golf & Lake Club, an insider exclusively told CelebHomes News.

According to a source, Kendall and Devin love going out on the waters together and that they “love being there,” adding that they “are extremely adventurous and up for anything”.

Sources said that they also enjoyed relaxing walks, and simply sat enjoying the beautiful views.