Michelle Williams Thomas KailThe family of’s is growing once more.

The Dawson’s Creek alum is pregnant with the couple’s second baby. It’s completely joyous,” said the actress. She is due to give birth this fall. Variety. You start to wonder about the future. It is exciting to find that the thing you desire again and again is still available. This good fortune does not go unnoticed by me and my family.

Williams, 41, and Hamilton director Kail, 44, welcomed a son, Hart2020. She is also a mother to her daughters MatildaFrom her 16 year old relationship with the late Heath Ledger

In her conversation with VarietyWilliams was able to reflect on Hart’s arrival during the coronavirus lockdown. She told the outlet that it was “a reminder of life going on.” It isn’t the same world we expected to bring our baby into. But the baby knows that. The unmitigated joy of discovering and the warmth of loving family are his experiences.