The great Michael Clarke Duncan may be gone (died in September 2012). But, we can witness the time of his existence repeatedly through both notable films (Armageddon, The Green Mile, Planet of the Apes, Sin City, Kung Fu Panda) and video games (Soldier of Fortune, SOCOM II, Saints Row, God of War II), as well as his former home on Farralone Ave in Woodland Hills, CA. It managed to sell for $1.150 million in May of this year, so we can imagine how grateful the new owner(s) is/are for snagging the 7 bed and 7 bath home at such a price.

The Kingpin had it all; 0.39 acres of property, attached 3-car garage, above-ground-level entertainment spaces, underground bar & lounge, spacious kitchen, game & media room, attic, fireplace, centralized AC, full basketball court, pool, hot tub, patio, poolside fireplace, BBQ area, and of course a fitness area.

Address: 5616 Farralone Ave, Woodland Hills CA 91367