There are many DJs out there today, trying to make a name for themselves. Joe Hahn, or “Mr. Hahn,” could tell you that it usually requires to take quite a trek, but it’s about who you know. Joe Hahn got into the band a majority of us have known since junior high, Linkin Park, during his college years. He remains to be part of the ever so intact rock group. Hahn and his bandmates are actually going to release another album titled “The Hunting Party,” which is what Hahn possibly sent out to seek another home after successfully selling his 5 bed and 6 bath home in LA this past April.

All of those years turntabling and sampling for Linkin Park certainly paid off for Mr. Hahn. He bought the expansive 6,893 sq ft home in May of 06′ for $3.9 million and managed to net a $150k profit on it. The private and gated Brentwood Hills estate provides the new owner(s) with an attached garage, nice furnished kitchen, fireplace, ceiling fan fixtures, office/meeting room, BBQ area, zen backyard and patio, and more.

Address: 1076 Carrara Pl, Los Angeles CA 90049